List Of Small Business Ideas
Suited to Working From Home

In this section you'll find a list of small business ideas to consider if you want to start making extra money from home - and also a page for each idea giving an overview and hopefully some useful information.

There are a very wide variety of successful home based businesses nowadays. It's well worth getting an understanding of the huge range of ideas available. For example, there are traditional local businesses such as computer repairs or consulting - but without the expense of a specific commercial premises. Or you can use a web site to extend the reach of many small business ideas to a much wider target market - worldwide in some cases.

Many work from home business ideas can be run full time or part time , and almost all give you the opportunity to create sources of residual income to develop long term financial security. Running a home business allows you to look at low cost business ideas - an excellent strategy for positive cash flow and reducing the need for bank loans.

Beware any advertisements you come across elsewhere for get rich quick schemes. On this web site we provide information only on real home based businesses that can provide a means to make a full time or solid second income, provided you put in the hard work needed. A bit of luck helps too!


I'm adding to this list of small business ideas all the time. So please come back again to see what's here.

Earn Money on eBay
The great point about selling on eBay is that you can start with goods that you already own. This makes it a very low cost startup. Also you can get some great advice from eBay veterans such as Skip McGrath.

Starting a Home Staging Business
Giving home staging advice to home owners is like providing interior decorating advice, except that the aim is to make homes more attractive to potential buyers. You can start a home staging business part time with low start up costs - but some natural talent at interior design is needed.

Starting a Bookkeeping Business
If you like numbers, you are methodical and you can deal efficiently with paperwork, this might suit you. If you need to attend a bookkeeping course to improve your accounting skills, you can still help people out with their paperwork.

Start a Computer Repair Business
With so many people having at least one lap top or PC, you should never be short of customers.

Become a Copywriter
If you're good with words, this is another area where you could be in demand from local businesses (or further afield) to help with creating sales documents or words for web sites.

Start a Resume Writing Service
There is a big pool of potential customers - people looking for jobs who need resumes or a CV. You need some experience but books and courses are available.

Other Work From Home Writing Ideas
You may be able to earn money by writing blogs for other people, or you could become an Infopreneur.

Starting a Consulting Business
This may be a completely new venture, or you may have lost your job or taken retirement and be able to do more or less the same work as you were doing before, but now on a self employed basis.

Starting a Courier Service
You can start this business part time from home if you have a delivery vehicle, a computer and mobile phone, plus the right insurances. There is good customer demand but a lot of competition too.

Starting a Cleaning Business
The main reason to consider a cleaning business is that you should get plenty of repeat business and, provided your customers are happy, this gives you good opportunities for recommendations to new customers and possible add on sales.

MLM Home Based Business
Network marketing - or multilevel marketing (mlm) has become much more accepted and mainstream. It still gets some bad press but I'd suggest having a look at it and making up your own mind.

Starting a Vending Business
You can start out small with a low cost honor snack box system and grow the business from there. You don't need any technical knowledge on vending machines with snack boxes, and I suggest you take a look at my article.

Selling Used Books
This is a very easy business to start as you can list books that you already own on Amazon (or other sites). Amazon will take the orders and deal with the money. Once you've had a look at this article I suggest you read our interview with Joe Waynick.

Successful Internet Home Based Business
Even if (like me) you start by knowing nothing about building a web site, it's surprisingly easy to build an information web site. In my view, it's best suited for someone who is looking for a part-time low cost idea.


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The best option for you will depend on whether you want to work from home full time - and whether you need your venture to cover your living expenses from day one. Some people - me included - run several home based enterprises at the same time.

One takes care of immediate cash flow, while other ventures aim to build long term residual income.

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Skip McGrath, author of many books including The Complete eBay Marketing System talks about how a novice can get started selling on eBay.


Debra Gould

Debra Gould, the 'Staging Diva' provides great tips for a business focused on improving the internal decor of homes making them easier to sell.


Sylvia Jaumann

Sylvia Jaumann, author of Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business, advises on starting a bookkeeping business from home.


Teena Rose

Teena Rose, author of The Ultimate Resource to Building a $100,000 Resume-Writing Business, explains why resume writing is in demand in tough economic times.


Dr Alicia Holland-Johnson

Dr Alicia Holland-Johnson, author of Becoming a Better Tutor, explains what subject areas are in demand and how to find customers.


Sam Knowlton

Sam Knowlton, who runs the CourierPros web site with Bob Lavendusky, advises how a freelance courier can compete against national courier companies.


Joe Waynick

Joe Waynick, author of Internet Bookselling Made Easy! How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online, advises how to get started by selling books you already own.

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