Free Newspaper Advertising
For a Home Based Business

Free newspaper advertising is an excellent way of getting a message out to your prospective customers as part of a successful niche marketing campaign for your home based business. First, there's no cost. Second, the right sort of coverage adds to the credibility of your business.

This type of marketing is called PR or Public Relations. There's one big problem you need to overcome.

The publications where you want to publicise your business rely on small businesses for a large part of their sales income.

It is not in their best financial interests to provide free newspaper advertising for homebased businesses.

They will not do it - unless you give them a very good reason why.

What will attract these publications is a local interest story. They need local news stories to ensure citizens keep on buying their paper. So you need to provide a written piece - a press release - on a subject which will be of interest to readers but which is not obviously sales focused. Photographs are very helpful - again because readers like them.

It's best to make contact with your local paper to find out how they like to receive press releases. Also, ask what sort of stories they might publish.

What topics could you write about? Have a look at some back issues to see what articles you can find featuring local small businesses. And don't give up if you are unsuccessful on your first attempt.

Local journalists are often short of material to fill that last gap in this week's newspaper.

Send a regular flow of 'free advertising' stories to help them out!

If you are successful in getting a story published that features your business, the readers are much more likely to believe what it says than they are in believing a paid advert.

Free newspaper adverts are a great way for a home based business to carry out successful niche marketing.

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