How to Make Money with a
Successful Home Based Business

What does it take to build a successful home based business? And is it really possible to achieve long term financial security working from home?

There are two myths about making money from home:

  • It's easy - and you just need the right 'get rich quick' idea
  • It's impossible - it's all a scam
Neither of these is true. Hundreds of thousands of people run small businesses from home - some full time and many part time. This web site aims to tell you how they do it.


If there is one key principle to follow that is likely to increase your chances of building a successful home based business, it is to copy someone who has already achieved success. This is much less risky than trying to invent a unique and completely new small business idea.

There are three ways to copy.

  • One option is to try to replicate the exact same business as someone else - but most probably you will have to draw your customers from a different geographic location
  • Second, you can follow the same business idea but differentiate your business so that you take advantage of a slightly different market niche - for example, sell on eBay but develop your own area of expertise in what you sell
  • Third, you can learn what has worked for others in terms of general business principles - such as marketing ideas - and apply them to your own home based business

Whichever of these strategies you decide to follow, it is well worth your time reading through some of our Expert Interview series (see the photos and links on the right of this page) with home business mentors such as Skip McGrath, Debra Gould, Sylvia Jaumann, Teena Rose, Joe Waynick and others.


In the business ideas section, you'll find information on real low cost small businesses you can run from home, full or part time. Broadly these fall into two categories:

  • Traditional small businesses - such as bookkeeping or cleaning where you can earn an income from day one.
  • Slow build residual income ideas - such as many computer based home based businesses, where you invest your time up front in the hope of achieving long term financial freedom

Whatever type of successful home based business you aim for, it's vital to have a grasp of the general principles of niche marketing and advertising.

Maybe you're looking to start something full time. Or perhaps you already have a full time job elsewhere and you'd like to start making extra money from home. Maybe you're hoping to build a second income gradually so you can quit your day job.

Whatever your circumstances, the good news is that it is possible to start and develop a successful home based business, and my aim is to help you increase your chances of success.

I'll be drawing on my experience as an accountant and former E-Myth small business coach to bring you key information on what works. The best way to succeed, in my view, is to copy the success of others.

We'll be looking at the best start up ideas. We'll be covering some key areas of knowledge like marketing and money and we'll be exploring how best to use the internet.


You may well have most of the knowledge you need in your head right now. But a couple of pieces of extra information - maybe opening your mind to some possibilities you didn't know existed - could make a vital difference to your future. So please take time to have a good look around this web site.

Again, I'd recommend you have a look at the Expert Interviews section where you can find great advice on different small business ideas.

I'm keeping this introduction brief, but I just want to mention a few key points on my approach to building a sucessful home based business.

In general, I'll be recommending low risk, low cost options. I'll be suggesting you look at tried and tested strategies rather than taking a gamble on untried start up ideas. And I'll be trying to steer you clear of expensive mistakes.

Finally, my whole approach is more about 'get rich slow and sure' rather than offering 'get rich quick' overnight success.

Good fortune!




Anyone who decides to start a home based business must be prepared to invest substantial time and hard work with no guarantee of success. That's the same for all small business owners.

The purpose of this website is to provide general information to anyone seeking to start and build a successful home based business. It does not provide legal, accounting or other professional advice or services. If you would like specific advice on your small business ideas and plans, please consult a competent professional.

The publisher of this website will not accept liability or responsibility to any person or entity for loss or damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained on this site.


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You can read some great advice on real home based businesses in our series of expert interviews


Skip McGrath eBay

Skip McGrath, author of many books including The Complete eBay Marketing System talks about how a novice can get started selling on eBay.


Debra Gould

Debra Gould, the 'Staging Diva' provides great tips for a business focused on improving the internal decor of homes making them easier to sell.


Sylvia Jaumann

Sylvia Jaumann, author of Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business, advises on starting a bookkeeping business from home.


Teena Rose

Teena Rose, author of The Ultimate Resource to Building a $100,000 Resume-Writing Business, explains why resume writing is in demand in tough economic times.


Dr Alicia Holland-Johnson

Dr Alicia Holland-Johnson, author of Becoming a Better Tutor, explains what subject areas are in demand and how to find customers.


Sam Knowlton

Sam Knowlton, who runs the CourierPros web site with Bob Lavendusky, advises how a freelance courier can compete against national courier companies.


Joe Waynick

Joe Waynick, author of Internet Bookselling Made Easy! How to Earn a Living Selling Used Books Online, advises how to get started by selling books you already own.

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